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Modern-Central LLC is a professional supplier specializing in development and distribution of quality LED lights and LED fixtures, founded in 2009. Through our hard work, accessible service, and ethical business conduct, we are easily distinguishable from others in the industry. Our products can be used in simple and complex applications such as interior or exterior lighting, commercial lighting, film and photography lighting, and event lighting. High level Auto-production Machines for the SMT assembly and soldering produce our products which also undergo Standardized light testing processing, assuring our company products' content.

Contact us at +1 469.712.7230 or send us an email at info@modern-central.com for more inquiries

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If you need LED lights for your projects,  big or small, we will bundle them up and and give you a turn key solution.

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Modern-Central provides  exceptional quality and efficient, long lasting LED lighting.

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Customer Service is our priority at Modern Central.  Our staff provides excellent services that are earnest and professional.


what people are saying

What an amazing job. You deliver with products that are beautiful and they last.  Thank you.
Eric Chen
China telecom corporaton
Mid west Region office director

Your service is second to none.  You have exceeded my expectations.  And i cannot thank you enough for all the extra effort and energy. 

richard silverman
dallas wooden floor co.
owner, ceo

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